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MGM LIMOUSINE Terms & Conditions/ Reservation Agreement:

You and/or the above named customer understand and agree that all charges are assessed from MGM Services. All unpaid deposits and balances are authorized by the credit holder either by verbal or signed acceptance of this contract.

The client also authorizes MGM to charge all amounts owed under this contract to their credit card 24 hours before charter begins with no further authorization/signature or documentation required. All reservations require a $100.00 deposit, which is non-refundable unless otherwise agreed upon. All vehicles are non-smoking per Public Utilities Commission regulations.

No possession, sale or consumption of any types of narcotics or illegal drugs is permitted. Violation will result in immediate termination of contract and services. And forfeiture of all paid deposits and fees for service. No chauffeur may circumvent the above for any reason. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity. Not responsible for articles left in the limousine.

All passengers agree to behave in an orderly and well-behaved manner. Renter his responsible for his/her guests for any damage to the vehicle. MGM Services reserves the right to expel any person from the vehicle and/or terminate this contract in the event of a violation of any of these conditions by any passenger. In the event of such early termination, no portion of the rental fees shall be refunded. We are not responsible for any item left during or after the completion of the limousine rental period.

Cancellation Policy - A 50% deposit fee is only charged in the event that the reservation is cancelled inside of 15 days. For major holidays, the cancellation period is 21 days. All overtime orders must be approved by MGM management and have the client's signature on reservation form before any overtime is rendered. MGM will not be responsible for delays due to heavy traffic, accidents or any act of God.

Company is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. Overtime not ordered but caused by the client/client's party will start 15 minutes after charter was scheduled to end. Overtime will be billed in 1 hour increments. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the limousine caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. Client agrees to the following charges to be charged to their credit card should damages occur during this charter.

Scratches or damage to the bar which result in resurfacing bar: $550.00. Smears or scuff marks to upholstery: $100.00-$500.00. Should any guest(s) smoke within the vehicle: $500.00. No eating food; to extract food odors: $150.00. Broken glass: $15.00. Broken decanter: $75.00. Should any guest(s) vomit in the vehicle: $600.00.Please note that there is a $500.00 replacement charge for any damage to the EMERGENCY EXIT. It is not a SUNROOF. Please do not touch!

These repair costs will be charged to your credit card. During repairs, you may also incur the loss of use/or income generated by this vehicle. Should legal action be necessary to enforce any rights or obligations under this agreement, the prevailing party will be entitled to reasonable attorney's fees and related costs. I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this contract. Customer agrees to all terms and conditions as noted herein by signing this agreement.Full payment is due before charter begins.
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